Whether it’s motion sickness, morning sickness, or another cause, nausea is no fun. Startup Real Food Solutions has developed a new, all-natural nutrition bar to prevent and combat nausea, without the side effects of traditional medications.

The Anchor Nutrition Bar was formulated by an MD, based on clinical research on how protein, ginger, and vitamins work to reduce nausea. The product is soy-free and contains no artificial sweeteners. It’s also low in fat and high in protein, maximizing its nutrition value.

The bars are safe for pregnant women and children, too. In fact, CEO Neheet Trivedi MBA ’12 was inspired to create the nutrition bar after witnessing his sister suffer from extreme morning sickness. Trivedi formed Real Food Solutions in 2014 to develop a drug-free alternative to prevent nausea. He quickly realized that there was an audience for such a product beyond just pregnant women—namely, the two-thirds of the population who suffer from motion sickness.

“There’s nothing worse than suffering from seasickness while stuck on a boat miles from the shore,” Trivedi says in the company’s press release. In studies conducted at sea, more than 70% of the participants said the Anchor Bar prevented or relieved their queasiness. The effects from consuming the bar are felt within 5-30 minutes, and last for about three hours.

Although Anchor Bars only hit the shelves in May, they are already available on boats and in stores throughout the US, including the Bass Pro Shops chain and They are also for sale on the company’s website.

Read an interview with CEO Trivedi at BostInno.

Learn more about the science behind Anchor Bars at their website.

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