MIT Admissions drone. Image: MIT Admissions
Image: MIT Admissions

March 14 has become a day of celebration for mathematics enthusiasts and pie lovers alike (Pi—the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, is approximated as 3.14159). At MIT, Pi Day holds an extra special meaning: It’s the day regular admissions decisions are announced.

As has become tradition, the Admissions Office created a video announcing the big day. Past videos have featured students getting hit in the face with pies, and drone swarms. This year, in a nod to Star Wars, a “decision droid” helped Dean of Admissions Stu Schmill deliver letters to the class of 2020.

Of course, Pi Day at MIT wouldn’t be complete without a hack. This morning, a number of delivery drones were spotted around campus:

Pi Day drones. Image: MIT Admissions
Image: MIT Admissions

Members of the class of 2020 have been baking pies:


And, a few students took the “Pi Challenge,” writing as many digits as they could from memory:

Happy Pi Day, and congratulations to the Class of 2020. How are you celebrating this Pi Day?

At MIT, Pi Day is Irrational Fun

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