An attendee at MIT's first-ever Maker Faire. Photo: MIT News / Josh Ramos
An attendee at MIT’s first-ever Maker Faire. Photo: MIT News / Josh Ramos

MIT’s first-ever Mini Maker Faire, held on October 4, drew nearly 3,000 people to the Institute’s campus and featured 110 exhibitors. A diverse crowd of adults and children, hobbyists and expert makers, converged on campus to celebrate science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM), and the joy of making.

The exhibits, from both MIT affiliates and local makers, included robots, jewelry, go-kart races, and musical instruments. Tours of campus maker spaces and panel discussions were held throughout the day.

Of the MIT exhibitors, organizer Jessica Artiles told MakeZine: “They are not here because of a lack of homework, they are here because they want to share and engage with people. What you see here is that little extra bit of passion that makes us all stay up all night.”

See a slideshow of MIT’s Maker Faire at MakeZine.

Read more about the Faire at MIT News.

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