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An illustrated map, from an aerial view, of the MIT campus.
Spring 2022

A Reinvention of MIT’s Campus

Spaces for learning, living, discovering, and making were created and renewed during the MIT Campaign for a Better World.

GelSight Mobile, the company’s handheld instrument, visualizes and measures the 3-D topography of surfaces such as fabric, diamond, and hair. Image: Courtesy of GelSight Mobile
Summer 2019

A Helping Hand

MIT’s entrepreneurial ecosystem boosts sensor tech startup

Researchers studying how machine learning will impact future employment have found that, in most occupations, humans and machines will need to work together because they provide different skills. Illustration: Niki Hinkle
Summer 2019

Reinventing Jobs

Researchers measure the suitability of machine learning in the workplace

Stephen Berenson '82 (left) and Matisse Peppet. Photo: M. Scott Brauer
Winter 2019

To Be Continued

Each MIT story is different—but those who give and receive scholarships share a sense of the possibilities