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Discovery Science

Anna Frebel studies stars residing of the Milky Way, visible here above Chile's Las Campanas Observatory. Photo: Yuri Beletsky

Points of Light

Astrophysicist Anna Frebel studies how the oldest stars for clues about how the universe formed


Color Decoder

Looking deeper into the brain to understand how color meshes with forms and faces


Watch and Discover

Videos delve into MIT's global impact and vision in Campaign priority areas

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Health of the Planet

The subject's Fall 2016 lecturers included associate professor of aeronautics and astronautics Hamsa Balakrishnan, whose work includes a collaboration with the Federal Aviation Administration and major US airports to upgrade air traffic control tools. Photo: Bryce Vickmark.

Flight School

A roster of experts steers students through the inner workings of the airline industry

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Human Health

From fighting cancer to promoting stability, Andrew Lo harnesses the tools and technologies of finance for the common good. Photo: Joe Pugliese/August Image, LLC

Fully Invested

Andrew Lo harnesses the tools and technologies of finance for the common good

Hot Shots

MIT postdocs deliver a disruptive rapid vaccine development platform

Civil and environmental engineering professor Lydia Bourouiba, pictured with graduate student Yongji Wong, collects and analyzes data on the spread of infectious disease. Photo: Lillie Paquette

Leading with Data

In their own words: MIT faculty on advancing health in a data-rich era

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Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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Teaching Learning and Living

Cathy Drennan, professor of chemistry and biology. Photo: James Kegley

Dynamic System

A core chemistry course that activates engagement, even beyond the MIT campus

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