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How Can We Measure Damage?

Quantifying radiation damage in materials is the first step toward safer reactors and better nuclear compliance, says Mike Short

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Discovery Science

Seeing the Light

Aging Brain Initiative researchers discover a potential Alzheimer's therapy

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Health of the Planet

How Do Plants Use Light?

What Gabriela Schlau-Cohen discovers about the proteins responsible for photosynthesis could be critical to agriculture and energy

Energy Endgame

What might a landscape shaped by oil look like when the world no longer relies on fossil fuels?

The subject's Fall 2016 lecturers included associate professor of aeronautics and astronautics Hamsa Balakrishnan, whose work includes a collaboration with the Federal Aviation Administration and major US airports to upgrade air traffic control tools. Photo: Bryce Vickmark.

Flight School

A roster of experts steers students through the inner workings of the airline industry

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Human Health

From fighting cancer to promoting stability, Andrew Lo harnesses the tools and technologies of finance for the common good. Photo: Joe Pugliese/August Image, LLC

Fully Invested

Andrew Lo harnesses the tools and technologies of finance for the common good

Hot Shots

MIT postdocs deliver a disruptive rapid vaccine development platform

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Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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Teaching Learning and Living

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