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Made in Kendall Square: 1800s versus today

Continuum, March 23rd, 2015

Why an Innovation Initiative Now?

Spring 2015

MIT has always been an innovation powerhouse, so why does it need an innovation initiative now?

Introducing MIT.nano

Spring 2015

MIT is placing a big bet on small with the construction of a new 200,000-square-foot nanoscience and nanotechnology facility.

Innovation Resources Abound at MIT

Spring 2015

Charting the innovation and entrepreneurial resources available at MIT.

Discovery Research Is Reinventing the World

Spring 2015

“Without discovery research, without innovation, applied research can only go so far,” says Institute Professor Phillip Sharp.

Kendall Square: A Global Center for Innovation Grows Alongside MIT

Spring 2015

Once lined with old factories and abandoned buildings, Kendall Square is now a global center for innovation.

In Praise of Building: MechE’s Maker Czar Celebrates Hands-On Learning

Spring 2015

Martin Culpepper says that making things is key to innovation.

Making It at MIT

Spring 2015

Director Ken Stone says the Hobby Shop provides the space, instruction, and tools to anyone who wants to tinker.