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Sophisticated Medicine

Fall 2014

Sangeeta Bhatia's research defies tradition, drawing on biological and medical sciences, and multiple engineering disciplines.

The Mother of all Hackathons

Continuum, September 19th, 2014

Advancing the Understanding of Autism

Continuum, April 17th, 2014

At MIT, the search for greater understanding of autism spectrum disorder is a year-round pursuit

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Innovative Ideas

Spring 2011

Alice Chen wins the Lemelson-MIT Student Prize for invention.

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Binding Cells

Summer 2010

Prof. Richard Hynes, an MIT biologist, provides insight into how cancer spreads.

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Dr. David Fett and Randi Fett say they feel ‘an ethical obligation’ to give back

Summer 2010

A biologically engineered drug once saved Randi Fett's life. Now, she and her husband, Dr. David Fett '77, feel an "ethical obligation" to give back.