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Black Hole Odyssey

Continuum, June 24th, 2015

The Reviews Are In: Five Stars for MIT Jazz

Continuum, June 19th, 2015

J-WAFS: A Nexus for Water and Food Research at MIT

Summer 2015

Professor John Lienhard discusses the transformative work of the Abdul Latif Jameel World Water and Food Security Lab.

Cheaper, Energy Efficient Ways to Desalinate Water

Summer 2015

Jeffrey Grossman and Evelyn Wang are searching for ways to make clean water.

Detecting Leaks with Robots, Wireless Sensors

Summer 2015

Kamal Youcef-Toumi and Andrew Whittle are working to increase the world water supply by decreasing loss of water through leaks.

The Water-Food-Energy Nexus

Summer 2015

Afreen Siddiqi and James Wescoat hope a network of sensors will allow more efficient use of water and the energy used to transport it, while increasing yield of wheat.