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Spectrum’s Most-Read of 2015

Continuum, December 29th, 2015

New Dimensions Outside the Classroom

Fall 2015

Frankie Perone has developed an intuitive understanding of form that she believes will ultimately help her produce more thoughtful designs.

Arriving at MIT, One Solution at a Time

Fall 2015

Freshman Ahaan Rungta began solving problems through MIT's OpenCourseWare (OCW) at age five. "OCW is more than a school. It's a paradise," he says.

Data in a Major Key

Fall 2015

Michael Scott Cuthbert advances musical analysis with his new music21 software.

The Future of Education

Fall 2015

Mark ’88, SM ’89 and Jill McDowell support MITx, the Institute's approach to massive open online courses.

Champions of the Student Experience

Fall 2015

Karen '85, SM '87 and Perry '85, SM '87 Ha support the Public Service Center and MISTI-Korea because they provide students an opportunity to make a global impact.