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Solar Breakthroughs, Powered by MIT

Continuum, September 30th, 2015

“Master Switch” Suggests New Hope for Obesity

Continuum, September 17th, 2015

Forward Together: Solve Kicks Off

Fall 2015

The Solve conference, taking place on the MIT campus in October, seeks to answer the hard questions of our time.

Supporting New Connections in Immunology

Fall 2015

Phillip "Terry" '71 and Susan Ragon created an institute to accelerate discovery of an HIV vaccine.

Sparking a New Generation of Power

Fall 2015

Scores of young alumni are dreaming up fresh ways to harness nuclear, wind, and solar power; optimize our use of fossil fuels; and support development of energy solutions.

Reducing Waste Across a Product’s Lifecycle

Fall 2015

Elsa Olivetti focuses on minimizing the carbon footprint of products at every stage, from manufacturing to recycling.

Tiny Living Factories

Fall 2015

Kristala Jones Prather is developing new, improved methods of chemical synthesis.

The Future of Education

Fall 2015

Mark ’88, SM ’89 and Jill McDowell support MITx, the Institute's approach to massive open online courses.