Past Issues

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Fall 2014

Giant Steps: Celebrating 100 Years of Flight
This fall, MIT celebrates 100 years of achievements in aeronautics and astronautics and its amazing history of leadership to the nation and the world.

MIT Firsts
Programs that launched at the Institute.

Spring 2014

The Brilliance of Basic Research
Basic research is the spark that creates new knowledge and solves big problems.

No Future on the Sidelines
Students are stepping up to Capitol Hill to speak out for science funding.

Winter 2014

The Future Is Cities
Cities are growing faster than you can say megalopolis, and thanks to social media and the Internet, global climate change and a bad economy, the American dream of ownership is changing, and we are finding ourselves living in inclusive cities, sharing our houses, cars, bikes, offices, and more.

Shaping Vibrant Cities
Alumni from Toronto to Beijing meet to discuss urbanism.

Urban Physics
Franz-Josef Ulm’s serendipitous observation leads to research linking physics and urban planning.

Spring 2013

In One Voice
Music resounds –– leading new technologies, criss-crossing disciplines, transcending bias, and leaving us resonating with ourselves, each other, and the cosmos.

Portrait of the Artists
The MIT community is alive with the arts.

Spring 2012

MIT's energy initiative reaches a milestone.

Energy for the Future
Since the creation of the MIT Energy Initiative (MITEI) five years ago, the world’s energy landscape has changed.

Fall 2011

COVER STORY: Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Nanotechnology — which emerged as a field about 25 years ago — now has an impact that will one day rival that of electricity, transistors, antibiotics, and the Internet — thanks in part to MIT research.

Spring 2011

COVER STORY: One Gorgeous Celebration
MIT celebrates the Campaign for Students, a remarkably successful effort that to date has raised nearly $555 million to support generations of MIT students — a striking achievement in the most difficult economy since the Great Depression.

Winter 2011

MIT’s Innovation Gene at Work
A discussion of a few of the turning points and contributions that have helped make MIT great.

General Anesthesia and the Brain
Dr. Emery Brown aims to solve a medical mystery.

Summer 2010

COVER STORY: Water: An Urgent Challenge for the 21st Century
Water is one of the greatest global challenges of the 21st century, and now more than 50 faculty members from across the Institute are working to find new solutions to this growing crisis.

Spring 2010

COVER STORY: Changing the World Through Service
Thousands of MIT students are participating in public service projects across the globe to gain leadership skills and to better serve the world.

Fall 2009

Institute experts are now addressing one of the greatest intellectual and scientific challenges of the 21st century — understanding the human brain and mind.

Summer 2009

MIT's Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) matches students with faculty in research partnerships. This year, the landmark program celebrates its 40th year.

Spring 2009

COVER STORY: Here Comes the Sun
MIT's faculty and students are working to make affordable easy-to-use solar power a reality, and have already made impressive contributions to this critical effort.

Fall 2008

COVER STORY: Telescoping Genius
Graduate fellowships make it possible for MIT to draw the best students in the world and for these scholars to make progress in various fields of study.

Spring 2008

COVER STORY: The Magic of Learning by Doing
Students say sitting in a classroom is a great way to learn, but when you add hands-on work, the experience is amplified. It’s like learning in stereo.

Winter 2008

COVER STORY: Nurturing a Dream
A scholarship is the opportunity of a lifetime. It’s a chance to realize your dreams. MIT scholarship recipients tell what this gift means to them.

Fall 2007

COVER STORY: Aiming High
MIT’s young faculty members are doing amazing work in both teaching and research. Not only is their passion and creativity invigorating, but it ultimately will help shape the future.

Summer 2007

COVER STORY: A Genius for Leadership
MIT’s amazing students believe they can change the world. At this institution, the best students on the planet are solving problems, sparking innovative solutions, and leading the way into society.

Spring 2007

COVER STORY: Beyond Borders
International engagement is becoming more important than ever before, and to respond to the new environment, MIT is educating a new generation of global leaders and citizens.

Winter 2007

COVER STORY: Powering Up
The scope of today's energy challenge demands both a new level of understanding and brand new solutions. Researchers in MIT's five schools are busy providing both.

Summer 2006

COVER STORY: Institute Professors
Institute Professor is the highest honor given by MIT’s faculty and administration. The 13 men and women who hold this title are key contributors not only to MIT but to the nation and the world.

Spring 2006

COVER STORY: New Strategies for Saving Lives
Are we turning the corner against cancer? Thanks in significant part to some remarkable new discoveries and technologies emerging from MIT, the outlook is getting steadily brighter.

Fall 2005

COVER STORY: Graduate Fellowships
Graduate fellowships are key to drawing the world’s best students.

Spring 2005

COVER STORY: Welcoming Susan Hockfield
MIT's new president discusses her life and work.

Work and Family
Ann Bookman, executive director of MIT's Workplace Center, explores how workers in the new economy integrate work and family.

Winter 2005

COVER STORY: Campaign Transforms MIT
The Campaign for MIT reaches its $2 billion goal.

Fall 2004

COVER STORY: The Chance to Soar
Students say a scholarship is the chance of a lifetime - a chance to learn, grow, and succeed.

Spring 2004

COVER STORY: Invested in MIT
Charles Vest reflects on his life and work as MIT's 15th president.

Winter 2004

COVER STORY: Great Teaching
MIT students say that a great teacher is a gift for a lifetime.

Summer 2003

COVER STORY: Energy Efficiency
MIT experts are contributing ideas, inventions, and leadership to create a secure energy future.

Winter 2003

MIT's new buildings are as diverse, innovative, and bold as the work that will go on inside them.

Raising Our Sights
MIT sets its sights on a $2 billion Campaign goal.

Fall 2001

COVER STORY: Calling the World Home
Students in MIT's MISTI program are learning to live, work, and succeed in a global society.

Spring 2001

COVER STORY: The Greatest Work On Earth
Many MIT faculty — leaders in environmental studies — are now working on green building design, efficient energy production,and global climate change.

Winter 2001

COVER STORY: The Art of Dialogue
Dialogue expert William Isaacs says that problems between people often stem from an inability to conduct a successful dialogue.

Charming Company
Building a successful firm requires good communication skills, says Ken Morse, who is teaching networking skills at the Sloan School.

Fall 2000

COVER STORY: Winners For Life
MIT students say it's great to participate in athletics. Sports builds character, and in life that's the winning edge.

Winter 2000

Dear Mr. President
Freshman Sina Kevin Nazemi interviewed President Clinton when Nazemi was in the sixth grade. He now hopes to become a U.S. Senator.

We Become What We Believe
Freshman Margarita Marinova, who already has co-authored five scientific papers, intends one day to fly to Mars. "You've got to hold onto your dream," she says.

Fall 1999

Fuel for the Future
Barbara Stowe, vice president for resource development, discusses MIT's upcoming capital campaign.

Having a Heart
"If you do have money, it's important to understand that there are others out there who don't," says Arthur Gelb, '61. "Once you recognize that, you need to give--if you have a heart."

Spring 1999

COVER STORY: Drawing Us Together
Studying the humanities and social sciences enriches a technological education. It awakens the imagination, broadens the mind, and enables us to better understand not only ourselves, but each other.

Living In Style
At MIT's Charm School, students learn table manners, schmoozing, how to butter up big shots, and how to ask for a date.

Winter 1999

Waking Up
Is it okay to alter your baby's genes before he is born? That's a question raised by MIT's Technology and Culture Forum, a lecture series that examines the moral and ethical implications of science and technology.

COVER STORY: The Right Stuff
William LeMessurier, '53, risked a lawsuit, bankruptcy, and professional disgrace, but he chose to do what he knew was right.