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Health of the Planet

Wood was a panelist at 2017 (pictured) and 2018 MIT Media Lab events titled “Beyond the Cradle: Envisioning a New Space Age.” Photo: David Silverman

Down to Earth

How can technologies invented for space advance sustainable development goals?

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Human Health

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Innovation and Entrepreneurship

GelSight Mobile, the company’s handheld instrument, visualizes and measures the 3-D topography of surfaces such as fabric, diamond, and hair. Image: Courtesy of GelSight Mobile

A Helping Hand

MIT’s entrepreneurial ecosystem boosts sensor tech startup

Researchers studying how machine learning will impact future employment have found that, in most occupations, humans and machines will need to work together because they provide different skills. Illustration: Niki Hinkle

Reinventing Jobs

Researchers measure the suitability of machine learning in the workplace

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Teaching Learning and Living

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