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MIT researchers and a robot named Luigi tap into the secrets of sewage

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Discovery Science

Anna Frebel studies stars residing of the Milky Way, visible here above Chile's Las Campanas Observatory. Photo: Yuri Beletsky

Points of Light

Astrophysicist Anna Frebel studies how the oldest stars for clues about how the universe formed


Color Decoder

Looking deeper into the brain to understand how color meshes with forms and faces


Watch and Discover

Videos delve into MIT's global impact and vision in Campaign priority areas

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Health of the Planet

Photo: M. Scott Brauer


An engineer/MBA applies new carbon capture technology to the fossil fuel industry

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Human Health

An illustration for the team’s March publication in Cell depicts possible paths of tumor evolution in relation to hills (presenting resistance to a drug), and valleys (sensitivity). Artwork: Boyang Zhao

Cornering Cancer

Collaborative “systems biology” approach could steer tumors into submission

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Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Jinane Abounadi, second from right, meets with MIT Sandbox participants. Image: Lillie Paquette

Digging Deep

MIT Sandbox supports balanced development of student entrepreneurs


Securing the Digital Landscape

Daniela Rus says: "Cybercrime may seem inevitable today, but with the right people, resources, and approach, we can change that."

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Teaching Learning and Living

Cathy Drennan, professor of chemistry and biology. Photo: James Kegley

Dynamic System

A core chemistry course that activates engagement, even beyond the MIT campus

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