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From left, Parag Pathak, David Autor, and Joshua Angrist in the Morris and Sophie Chang Building, home to the MIT Department of Economics. Photo: M. Scott Brauer

Informing Education

The School Effectiveness & Inequality Initiative puts facts at the forefront of policy debate

Photo: M. Scott Brauer


An engineer/MBA applies new carbon capture technology to the fossil fuel industry

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Discovery Science

An illustration for the team’s March publication in Cell depicts possible paths of tumor evolution in relation to hills (presenting resistance to a drug), and valleys (sensitivity). Artwork: Boyang Zhao

Cornering Cancer

Collaborative “systems biology” approach could steer tumors into submission

Photo: Ken Richardson

Digital Ocean

Modeling the diverse world of phytoplankton opens up a predictive view of our own

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Health of the Planet

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Human Health

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Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Securing the Digital Landscape

Daniela Rus says: "Cybercrime may seem inevitable today, but with the right people, resources, and approach, we can change that."

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Teaching Learning and Living

Professor Ceasar McDowell. Image: Leise Jones Photographyc

Rewards and Struggles

A design and planning course wrestles with questions of identity, voice, and democracy

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