Current Issue: Fall 2015

President’s Letter

Solving problems, together, for the betterment of humankind

Countless Solutions, One MIT

There’s not much you can fathom that MIT won’t plunge in to figure out, fix, get right, or get to the bottom of. We’ve done it ever since our start: developing radar, helping to land a man on the moon, playing a key role in cracking the human genome. MIT experts are not daunted by today’s huge, interconnected problems; we’re empowered by them. We view them as an exhilarating opportunity for action.

Angles on Solutions

Here Comes the Sun

Solar technology has rapidly transitioned to a point where it is increasingly competitive as a source of electricity.

Securing the Digital Landscape

Daniela Rus says: "Cybercrime may seem inevitable today, but with the right people, resources, and approach, we can change that."

Sparking a New Generation of Power

Scores of young alumni are dreaming up fresh ways to harness nuclear, wind, and solar power; optimize our use of fossil fuels; and support development of energy solutions.

Faculty Profiles


Ongoing Progress

Arup Chakraborty, Bruce Walker, and Darrell Irvine are in pursuit of an HIV vaccine.

Data in a Major Key

Michael Scott Cuthbert advances musical analysis with his new music21 software.

Profiles of Impact

The Future of Education

Mark ’88, SM ’89 and Jill McDowell support MITx, the Institute's approach to massive open online courses.

Champions of the Student Experience

Karen '85, SM '87 and Perry '85, SM '87 Ha support the Public Service Center and MISTI-Korea because they provide students an opportunity to make a global impact.